Critical Power Distribution

  • critical power distributionBest Practices for distributing power
  • Computer Grade Busway for UPS Power distribution
  • Reconfiguring power structure without new construction
  • Uniform power drawn from unlimited access points
  • LEED Credits
  • Low Labor Costs
  • Elimination of static loses from under floor congestion
  • Contribute to your overall reduction of TCO

It seems that the discussion of mission critical facilities begins and ends on UPS/generator power and cooling. Naturally, these are very important  aspects of a compute however, UPS power distribution is often neglected.  The distribution of power throughout a facility is equally important especially when considering evolving data centers and server rooms. 

Use of traditional power distribution units (PDU’s) and remote power panels (RPP) provide for distribution of power under raised floors. RPP’s have been utilized to meet the increased needs of power required by modern server cabinets. However, underfloor power distribution is inflexible, causes static losses to air flow from cooling systems and is more costly. 

What are the problems?  To start, the raised floor was designed to deliver air to the servers.  Distributing whips and cables in the raised floor plenum causes static loses and in turn less efficient and less effective air management.

Another costly side-effect of this method of power distribution lies in the clutter of cables itself.  Adding or taking away equipment often becomes difficult.  Most companies call in an electrician to unplug, remove, or add additional whips for replacing or adding servers.  Most of the time, the electrician ends up leaving the unused whips where they are out of fear of dropping the load.

See PDF on the cost of PDU/Whip Installation
If you look at the total cost of ownership (TCO) behind this method, it is not only an expensive upfront cost but the customer ends up hemorrhaging cash over time for maintenance and growth. 

Smarter Power Distribution Strategies
Tru-Power believes in providing clients with a Uniform, Reconfigurable, Flexible, and Reliable power distribution network for their mission critical environment.

The engineering of this product provides inherit benefits that allow for tremendous flexibility, uniformity, scalability, and reliability.  Consequently, because of the method of distribution it eliminates the clutter under raised flooring freeing up the space for its intended use, the delivery of air to the load.  More efficient delivery of air translates to less energy consumption.

The ultimate result, is a reduction in TCO

Click on the link below to get a full illustration of the product benefits, engineering, and application.

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